Living far away from my parents, it’s a relief to have EGIS managing things for me; it gives me great peace of mind.

Son of EGIS Client

I don’t know what we would have done without EGIS for the past four years. The care and oversight that EGIS provides have enabled my mother to remain in her own home. EGIS always supplies caring, resourceful, highly intelligent, dedicated and responsible caregivers.

EGIS Client

EGIS helped me make decisions about long-term care planning.

EGIS Client

EGIS was essential in finding me the perfect aides after I had my knee replaced.

EGIS Client

EGIS really hit a home run in finding someone who matches my mother’s sensibilities.

Daughter of EGIS Client

They were there for me when I was in the hospital.

EGIS Client

You performed no less than a miracle in lining up round-the-clock caregivers as W’s condition deteriorated rapidly – and during the Holiday Season to boot. Your care­givers were all of the highest caliber in skill, experience and gentle personality.

EGIS Client

I want you to know that I truly believe you and your staff have saved my parents’ lives. On behalf of my entire family and all our friends – we say – Thank You! We are so blessed to have you and your staff in our home.

EGIS Client

Egis was a Godsend during a very scary and troubling time. The initial assessment felt more like having friends over for coffee.

The care takers at Egis were not only kind and compassionate towards my mother but I believe helped extend her life with their friendship and care. All of the caretakers that worked with my family maintained a sense of professionalism but also made my parent's days fun, improving their quality of life given my mother's mobility restrictions. Both Mario and Henrietta became trusted friends of the family going above and beyond what was required— taking care of extra details that made both my parents feel loved and care for over the last 3 and 1/2 years. I highly recommend Egis, your loved ones will be in excellent hands.

Beth Kaczmarek Avatar Beth Kaczmarek
September 11, 2021

Egis was a Godsend during a very scary and troubling time. The initial assessment felt more like having friends over for coffee. Pablo and Angel were very knowledgeable, understanding, and empathetic. Everything was explained in detail and they were true to their every word.
Then it got even better. The team they had to come stay with my mother felt more like playdates for her. Every team member they had felt like a friend coming to stay for a visit. My mother hugged very one when they left and was sad to see them leave for the day. They took walks, talked, cooked, and helped my mother gain her confidence and independence back. They cleaned, cooked, laughed, smiled, but most importantly made lasting memories for my mother. I feel so grateful and blessed to have found such an amazing service. I highly recommend their services and staff, and I want to thank them for creating and maintaining such an amazing service.

Andreas Kessler Avatar Andreas Kessler
June 11, 2021

Egis Complete Care has been a great company for us. Their standards are very high especially with the quality of care toward their clients.
I would highly recommend Margot Miller, the caregiver who took care of my 92 year old mother suffering from severe dementia. She is very qualified, patient, reliable and friendly. She has been a great comfort to my mother as well as to my husband and me.
I was also impressed with her Care Manager, Mario Angel. He has always been friendly, warm, reassuring and eager to meet our needs.
Egis Complete Care has met all our expectations and more.
Thank you Mario and Margot!
Jacqueline Harrington

Jacqueline Harrington Avatar Jacqueline Harrington
June 11, 2021

I'm 104yrs old and I've been with Egis for 8 yrs now. I'm very happy with the services I receive. Friendly staff and wonderful care givers, very reliable. There has been ups and downs through all this yrs finding the right people to help my needs, but Egis has always work hard to provide me with the best quality of care. My main care giver has been with me since day one and it's been a blessing. Not having to worry about anything as far as appointments, meal preparation and a few other things has helped me enjoy my golden years.

Thank you Egis for all your help and support.

Lee T Avatar Lee T
June 11, 2021

My 5 star rating for Egis Complete Care is for their excellence with all aspects of my home healthcare needs. Care manager, Patrick Christopher very carefully matched me up with the perfect Caregiver for all my needs. My Caregiver is very diligent, detail oriented and professional with all aspects of my daily care. Thank you Patrick and Egis for taking great care in finding me the perfect Caregiver.
Joan Gibbons.

Joan Gibbons Avatar Joan Gibbons
June 11, 2021

Egis Complete Care, Inc., has been with my mother for two years now. Their caregivers have been incredible. We had two incidences with my mom not getting along with the care givers. Egis listened to her concerns and was able to find the perfect match for her. They are an incredibly caring people. They answer our questions and work with our often confusing and hectic schedule of care for my mom. Egis's top concern is always about the welfare of my mom. This makes it easy for my mom's family to leave her in the hands of Egis's caregivers.

Kathy Martinez Avatar Kathy Martinez
June 11, 2021