About Us

EGIS (Elders Getting Information and Services) is one of Santa Fe’s oldest and most respected senior care companies. We have been providing Northern New Mexico senior home care and care management services to individuals and families since 1998. Over the past 25 years, we have been dedicated to providing the very best of care for you and your loved ones.

Service Areas

Santa Fe


Los Alamos

White Rock

  • We advocate for your needs, help elders remain independent, and provide long lasting friendships.
  • We help individuals acquire the resources they need.
  • We complete a thorough assessment of each client to find the right support for their specific needs.
  • We hand-pick caregivers to match the client with caregivers who meet the client’s needs and desires.
  • We offer more than 150 outstanding caregivers who have a variety of skills and backgrounds. Many EGIS caregivers have worked with a given client for several years.
We Advocate For Your Needs
Aging Life Care
Santa Feans Interested In Meeting The Challenges Of Getting Older


​​EGIS grew out of a grassroots effort by a number of Santa Feans interested in meeting the challenges of getting older. They got together to form an organization dedicated to helping seniors stay as independent as possible in their own home environments. EGIS has grown into a strong and respected organization with highly dedicated and professional caregivers and care managers.

Santa Fe is unique and so are we.

Living far away from my parents, it’s a relief to have EGIS managing things for me; it gives me great peace of mind.

Son of EGIS Client

I don’t know what we would have done without EGIS for the past four years. The care and oversight that EGIS provides have enabled my mother to remain in her own home. EGIS always supplies caring, resourceful, highly intelligent, dedicated and responsible caregivers.

EGIS Client

EGIS helped me make decisions about long-term care planning.

EGIS Client

EGIS was essential in finding me the perfect aides after I had my knee replaced.

EGIS Client

EGIS really hit a home run in finding someone who matches my mother’s sensibilities.

Daughter of EGIS Client

They were there for me when I was in the hospital.

EGIS Client

You performed no less than a miracle in lining up round-the-clock caregivers as W’s condition deteriorated rapidly – and during the Holiday Season to boot. Your care­givers were all of the highest caliber in skill, experience and gentle personality.

EGIS Client

I want you to know that I truly believe you and your staff have saved my parents’ lives. On behalf of my entire family and all our friends – we say – Thank You! We are so blessed to have you and your staff in our home.

EGIS Client

Egis was a Godsend during a very scary and troubling time. The initial assessment felt more like having friends over for coffee.

Specialized Care

  • Alzheimer’s 
  • Cancer
  • Dementia
  • Hospice Support 
  • Parkinson’s
  • Personalized Needs
  • Post-Hospital/Rehab
  • Strokes


  • Keeps loved ones in a familiar home environment
  • Maintains seniors’ independence
  • Eases responsibilities on family members
  • Crafts individualized care plans for loved ones
  • Assists with life-changing decisions
  • Manages treatment coordination
  • Decreases seniors and family members’ stress and frustrations
  • Helps plan for ongoing and future needs