What does EGIS Concierge Bill Pay mean?  

It means knowing a bill was paid with no late fees, knowing your check book balances, knowing your monthly budget, and ultimately having peace of mind.

For clients who need financial assistance on a day to day or as needed basis, the EGIS Account Manager can craft a daily money management plan or a bill pay plan according to your or Loved One’s needs.   We can simplify your stress by handling your Money Matters and being a full-time or part-time money concierge.

The EGIS Account Manager will generate a monthly statement by maintaining the required budget. For peace of mind, EGIS is bonded/insured for any professional liability insurance or theft liability insurance.


What type of EGIS Concierge Bill Pay services do we provide?

  • Reconcile Bank and Investment Statements

  • Review Insurance Papers

  • Process Basic Bookkeeping (Write Checks, Balance Check Book, etc)

  • Create a Monthly Budget

  • Organize/Reconcile any Bank/Bill/Investment Statements 

  • Review/Process Monthly Bill Payments

  • Manage Communication (phone, text, emails, paperwork, etc)

  • Oversee tax documents & file tax returns

  • Oversee Fraud Victim Advocacy

  • Assess Lease and Insurance Renewals

  • Ordering and coordinating property management

  • Organization of materials for CPA review and tax prep

  • Prepare monthly financial statements 

  • Offer Financial Resource Information/Education Materials 

  • Assist with other miscellaneous services 


How to get EGIS Concierge Bill Pay started?

If you are a person seeking services for EGIS Concierge Bill Pay, please call EGIS office at 505-995-0485 or email

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